New Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Super agency to tackle Crime

Two government agencies responsible for criminal intelligence, national information-sharing and supporting law enforcement have merged to become the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) as of July 1. The merger, which was first announced in November last year, means the Australian Crime Commission and CrimTrac now exist under the one super agency with investigative, research and information delivery functions. The ACIC ...

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The Federal Election Fallout

The numbers from the July 2 Federal Election are still trickling in, with close contests and possible recounts in many electorates preventing the official declaration of all results in a timely fashion. With the Coalition claiming victory as the count wraps up, the SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department will continue to analyse the political outcome for our recreation and bring ...

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Canberra gunmaker GC Precision Development’s bid to make Victoria Police guns shut down

A Canberra gunmaker’s bid to make rifles for Victoria Police has been shut down in a situation he has labelled “absurd”. A specific ACT law, which does not exist in NSW, meant Gareth Crook was allowed to “possess” but not “use” silencers and folding stocks when making the rifles. It meant the stocks and silencers were “nothing more than paperweights”, ...

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Qld Government Weapons Consultation Forum Members Announced

Shooters Union Queensland has serious concerns about changes to gun laws that could restrict your rights, and even result in the confiscation of guns you legally own. Changes to Australia’s gun laws, including who may own firearms, what types, and for what reasons, are being considered as part of a review of the National Firearm Agreement. As president of Shooters Union Queensland, I ...

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Time for serious thought

First they came for the military type semi-autos but that didn’t affect me because I didn’t need them… Then they came for all semi-auto centrefire and rimfire rifles and even shotguns in 1996, but that didn’t affect me either as I was happy to hunt with my old Winchester 30-30, so I remained silent… Then they came for the handguns ...

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Bill Byrne adopts a no comment policy to weapons licencing issue

After recent comments in state Parliament painting primary produces as rednecks – “the lone cowboy with the pistol strapped to the hip” – Police Minister Bill Byrne has gone very quiet. As reported in a story broken by Queensland Country Life here, Mr Byrne told Parliament the “idea of the lone cowboy, with the pistol strapped to the hip as ...

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Labor’s War on Farmers

Labor's war on farmers

Forget a “Fair Go” –  in a seeming total lack of good economic sense the current Queensland Government seems hell bent on attacking and damaging anything agricultural and regional in our state. Despite the fact that regional Queensland generates considerable income and is the primary caretaker of our natural environment. First our state government introduces a new vegetation management act ...

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Gun control laws – the biggest con job in our nation’s history

Article written by: Carlo Di Falco Tasmanian Mercury May 6, 2016 12:01am This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur tragedy, and the same prohibitionist groups have been exploiting this as they have for the past two decades. The Port Arthur tragedy is not now mentioned without referring to banning the Adler lever-action shotgun. While no one denies what ...

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