An open letter to the legal firearm owners of Queensland

police minister

After months of unanswered letters etc from the QLD firearms community, QLD Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller met today with Robbie Katter MP (KAP Member for Mt Isa) and Shane Knuth MP (KAP Member for Dalrymple), who were kind enough to invite representatives from the firearms community along to that meeting. I especially acknowledge Mr Katter for the work he put into arranging the meeting.As some of you may be aware, since Labor came to power, the Ministerial Firearms Advisory Panel has not met or received any advice (until recently) about how the new Minister wanted to engage.

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SMH: Teddy bear hides firearms and ammunition

Teddy bear hides firearms and ammunition

Police raided a unit in Turella, in Sydney's south, on Thursday and discovered two Glock pistols hidden inside a large teddy bear.The alleged owner, 23 year-old Imad Warwar, was charged with eight firearm offences including two counts of unauthorised possession of a pistol and two counts of not keeping firearms safe.Detectives from the Firearms Squad raided Mr Warwar's unit at 7am, also seizing cash and paperwork. Footage shows an officer sizing up the large, fluffy brown bear in the corner, conspicuously seated beside a television in the sparse room.

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Garry Breitkreutz MP: Gun Registries are an enormous waste of money!

Garry Breitkreutz

On Thursday the 13th of August about 100 responsible firearm owners gathered to hear prominent gun law researcher, Dr Samara McPhedran and Canadian MP, Garry Breitkreutz discuss their views on firearm reform, gun registries, gun violence, public safety and the political wrangling that surrounds these issues. Garry Breitkreutz led the campaign to have the Canadian long-arms registry dismantled.

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Shooters Union Seeks to Educate

Shooters Union

On the 13th of August 2015, Shooters Union Queensland hosted a dinner with Guest Speakers, Dr Samara McPhedran and Canadian MP Garry Breitkreutz and Entertainer Steve Lee. This is the wrap up video of the event - enjoy.

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Senator Leyonhjelm lets loose on Anti-Gun Nuts!

Senator David Leyonhjelm

Watch Senator David Leyonhjelm's speech to Parliament regarding the inquiry into illicit firearms, the Adler lever action shotgun ban, and the other restrictions being placed on law abiding firearm owners. Also available to read is the full speech transcript. Law abiding Firearm owners are not happy. They are sick of being treated as criminals in waiting. They are not happy the government is proposing to impose yet more constraints on law-abiding sporting shooters.

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What are the FWPWG & the NFA… and what are they up to!

National firearms agreement

Since 2005, the Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group (FWPWG) – consisting of bureaucrats from government departments and police services in all jurisdictions – has been pushing for more restrictions on legal firearms ownership in Australia. Particular attention has been given to shifting pump action rifles and lever action firearms into Categories C or D, and introducing far more severe limits on magazine capacity, as well as making it easier for bureaucrats to prohibit firearms they simply do not like the appearance of.

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Howard took our Semis; Now they want what’s left

The Liberal Government considers Lever Action Shotguns a SERIOUS PROBLEM!There is absolutely no evidence to support this but that is a direct quote from the Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis Tuesday evening in Parliament in response to a question from Senator Ricky Muir.So there it is.Just as we have been warning you, this isn’t just about lever action shotguns, they want to take ALL lever action firearms.

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What they say about Gun Registries….

Firearm Registration Fails

Firearm registration systems are commonly introduced more for political reasons than for practical purpose and it seems inevitable that they are doomed to fail.Here are a few observations on the worth of firearm registration systems. We have been unable to find a researched quote in favour.

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