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Writing Guide for NT Reclassification

As you may have heard, earlier this month the then-Acting NT Police Commissioner Michael Murphy unilaterally declared that “all linear repeating firearms with assisted ejection, chambered for rim fire ammunition, to be category C firearms” and “all linear repeating firearms with assisted ejection, chambered for centrefire ammunition, to be category D firearms,” under section 8(1) of the Firearms Act 1997. ...

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Shooters Appalled by Secret Gun Reclassification

**MEDIA RELEASE** Giving the Northern Territory Police Commissioner the power to unilaterally reclassify sporting firearms on a whim is literally the stuff of a police state, says one of the country’s leading pro-shooting organisations. Then-Acting Police Commissioner Michael Murphy declared in the NT Government Gazette earlier this month that “linear repeating firearms with assisted ejection” were reclassified from categories A ...

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Response to NT Acting Commission of Police

Acting Commissioner of Police Michael Murphy Northern Territory Police Via E-mail November 11, 2019 Dear Mr Murphy, I am writing to you as president of Shooters Union Australia on behalf of our members to seek clarification of a declaration you made on October 3, 2019 and Gazetted on November 6. In your Declaration, you declare that “declare all linear repeating ...

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