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Public Land Access Discussion

The Victorian Hound Hunters (Inc.) invites you to an evening of Q&A on Public Land Access… The Victorian Hound Hunters Inc. would like to invite your political party to attend and evening of Q & A, the main topic being Public Land Access. All relevant user groups will be invited to attend the evening. We look forward to your attendance. ...

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IBAC raid uncovers ‘illegal firearms’ at high-ranking cop’s home

EXCLUSIVE Neil Mitchell believes a high-ranking police officer has been suspended for allegedly possessing illegal firearms. Sources told 3AW Mornings the superintendent’s house was raided, and that a pistol and rifle were found. “I am told neither was registered,” Neil Mitchell said. “And I’m told the superintendent does not have a gun licence.” 3AW Mornings believes the raid was organised ...

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Game licence statistics: Hunting booms in Victoria

ALLAN THOMPSON, The Weekly Times HUNTING in Victoria continues to boom, driven mainly by a surge in the number of deer hunters, the latest Game Licence Statistics reveal. Victoria now has more than 50,000 registered game licenced hunters, up from 24,000 a little more than 20 years ago, with deer hunter numbers soaring 365 per cent, from less than 9000 ...

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Shooters Union Tasmania and Victoria ramp up.

Shooters Union are pleased to announce that firearm owners will soon have a Tasmanian and Victorian branch. Such a move has been a lengthy and time consuming one but SU believes their expansion into the south eastern states will herald more positive gun law changes in the near future for all firearms owners. Shooters Union’s Senior Media Manager met with ...

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