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Victorian Police Minister called upon to resign in wake of ‘disgusting’ domestic violence comments

ONE of Australia’s most prominent pro-firearms organisations has called for Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville to resign in the wake of disgusting, offensive and baseless comments implying licensed firearms owners were domestic violence offenders.

Speaking at a televised press conference yesterday morning, Ms Neville openly declared the Victorian Government’s decision to halt the sale of ammunition and firearms parts to recreational hunters and target shooters was due to concerns over the potential for domestic violence incidents as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Shooters Union Australia president Graham Park slammed the comments, calling them “quite possibly the most offensive, disgusting, ignorant and dangerous thing I have ever heard from a Government Minister”.

“I am simply flabbergasted by the Minister’s delusional and appalling comments, and I cannot believe she was allowed to air them unchecked.”

 “Many law-abiding firearms owners are themselves victims of domestic violence, so Ms Neville has succeeded only in re-victimising and traumatising a vulnerable group for her own political ends,” he said.

“It is clear that someone with such clear disgust and disdain for the most law-abiding parts of the Victorian community is not fit to be the Police Minister, and she should apologise and resign immediately.”

Obtaining a firearms licence is a time-consuming process with many background checks undertaken – including checks related to domestic violence.

“Anyone who has a firearms licence has proven themselves to be an upstanding, fit and proper person in the community. They are the group least likely to be perpetrating domestic violence,” Mr Park said.

“I cannot reiterate strongly enough just how utterly disgusted we are with the Police Minister’s insinuations. They are shameful and she should be ashamed of herself for uttering them.”

Mr Park said the fact gun stores were the only general retail outlet ordered to stop trading with a particular group of customers was further proof the declarations had nothing to do with public safety or domestic violence concerns.

“If Ms Neville is so worried about domestic violence, why is Bunnings still open? They sell axes, chainsaws, poison, and all manner of other dangerous items,” he said.

“What about places selling kitchen knives? Camping stores selling knives? Sports stores selling baseball bats? They’re still open and trading.

“Why are bottle shops still trading? Everyone knows alcohol is a massive factor in domestic violence incidents.”

Mr Park said the Government’s statements proved the sales restrictions had nothing to do with ‘public safety’ or domestic violence and everything to do with blatant, hateful and damaging discrimination.

“Substitute ‘hunters and recreational shooters’ for ‘the LGBTQI community’ or ‘black people’ and see if the rationale Ms Neville provided is OK. And the answer is no, because it’s not OK,” he said.

“We have said it before and we will say it again: There is no public health risk involved in letting licensed gun shops sell ammunition and parts to all licensed shooters, not just primary producers.”

“Yes, there’s a pandemic on, but that’s not an excuse to start pushing a discriminatory agenda under the blatantly false cover of ‘public safety’.”

Mr Park said there was also the very concerning fact the Victorian Government had apparently just admitted it has no faith in the integrity of its own firearms licensing system,  despite having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the registry over the years.

“If they’ve admitted they can’t get that right, what other serious public health and safety matters are they dropping the ball on?,” he asked.

Mr Park said there was a strange idea among the public that guns were readily available to anyone, when that could not be further from the truth.

“I cannot make this any clearer: No-one, even with a gun licence, can walk into a gun shop in Victoria, pick out a firearm, and walk out the door with it right away,” he said.

“Buying a gun requires a licence – which requires numerous police and background checks and takes several months to get – as well as a police-issued permit for every additional gun the licence-holder wants to get.

“There are already checks and balances in the system to ensure unsuitable people do not legally acquire firearms.

“We fully support licensing and background checks to make sure only upstanding, law-abiding people can buy firearms – but we will not tolerate those upstanding, law-abiding people then being slandered by the same Government responsible for issuing them a gun licence in the first place,” he said.


President Graham Park: president@shootersunion.com.au or 0418 700 320

Media director Royce Wilson: media@shootersunion.com.au or 0410 645 035

Letter to Dr Jeanette Young, Qld Chief Health Officer re closure of gun shops

Dr Jeanette Young
Queensland Chief Health Officer
Via E-mail

March 28, 2020

Dear Dr Young,

I write regarding the “Direction from Chief Health Officer in accordance with emergency powers arising from the declared public health emergency (No. 3)” issued by you March 27, 2020.

As part of this direction, “Licensed armourers and licensed dealers as defined under the Weapons Act 1990” are declared non-essential and ordered to close.

Why have you made this declaration, Dr Young? What public health risk do gun shops and armourers – businesses that are only patronised by people with firearms licences, who have undergone stringent background checks – pose in Queensland at present?

I remind you that under Queensland law, a person must have a firearms licence AND a valid Permit To Acquire issued by the police Weapons Licensing Branch before they can purchase a firearm. It is not possible for anyone – licensed or unlicensed – to walk into a gun shop, buy a gun, and immediately leave with it. A firearms licence is also required to purchase ammunition.

It is patently ridiculous that under your declaration farmers, hunters and other licensed firearms owners can no longer buy ammunition or spare parts – all of which are essential items for them – yet it is entirely possible for people to go to a major shopping centre and purchase such frivolities as scented candles, cheap costume jewellery, or decorative homewares.

Why is a candle shop or fashion jewellery store considered essential, yet a licensed firearms dealer is not?

Given the absurdity of this situation, and the uncertainty and ill-will this declaration is creating amongst Queenslanders – particularly the confusing rules regarding which businesses are “essential” (as the Government’s version clearly does not pass the pub test) – we formally request that you:

  1. Remove Licensed Armourers and Licensed Dealers (as defined under the Weapons Act 1990) from the ‘non-essential’ Declaration immediately; or
  2. Immediately declare ALL retail businesses which are not supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, liquor outlets, petrol stations or similar to be “non-essential” and thus subject to closure under the Direction.

This is a serious and unprecedented situation and the Government must be seen to be acting on facts and evidence, not feelings, optics or political agenda.

The economic impacts of this decision will be severe for the state’s firearms industry, along with related industries – all of whom play a vital part in our state’s economy.

Being seen to treat all Queenslanders equally is critical at this time, and we suggest this Declaration does not reflect that.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Park

President, Shooters Union Australia

E: president@shootersunion.com.au | Ph: 0418 700 320

Letter to QLD Premier regarding firearms as an essential business

The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk

Premier of Queensland

Via E-mail to thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au

March 28, 2020

Dear Ms Palaszczuk,

I write regarding the “Direction from Chief Health Officer in accordance with emergency powers arising from the declared public health emergency (No. 3)” issued by the state’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, at 10:43pm on March 27, 2020.

As part of this direction, “Licensed armourers and licensed dealers as defined under the Weapons Act 1990” were declared non-essential and ordered to close.

We say this declaration is clearly incorrect and on behalf of every law-abiding firearms user in Queensland, we formally request you declare licensed firearms dealers, armourers and other members of the firearms industry to be an Essential Business in Queensland.

Licensed firearms dealers and armourers provide an essential service to every single farmer, grazier, hunter, feral pest control and licensed firearms owner in Queensland. They supply ammunition needed to control pest animals in rural areas, and they supply the parts need to keep firearms operating.

It is patently ridiculous that right now, farmers, hunters and other licensed firearms owners can no longer buy essential ammunition or parts, yet people can to go to a major shopping centre and purchase completely non-essential items like decorative homewares or designer fashion.

It is clear the Government’s definition of an “essential business” does not pass the ‘pub test’ in this case and once again we request you rectify this and ensure the state’s firearms industry is officially classified as an Essential Business – because it is.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Park

President, Shooters Union Australia

E: president@shootersunion.com.au | Ph: 0418 700 320

Letter to WA Police Commissioner Dawson regarding closure of gun shops

Christopher Dawson
WA Police Commissioner
Via E-mail

March 27, 2020

Commissioner Dawson,

I write regarding the “Closure of Gun Shops” direction issued by you today (March 27, 2020).

To be frank, Commissioner, it is appalling and quite literally the sort of thing we would have expected in East Germany during the Cold War, not a state of Australia in 2020.

How does closing legitimate business which can only be patronised by people with a firearms licence (not an easy thing to get, especially in WA) “ensure public safety during the state of emergency”?

What specific threat are you protecting the public from?

The economic costs from this are potentially incalculable. Every single one of those gun shops had employees with bills to pay, rent or mortgage obligations to meet, and family members relying on them.

Simply put: Why are you destroying an industry and inflicting so much stress and hardship on the most law-abiding sector (licensed firearm owners) in the community?

I urge you to revoke the Closure Of Gun Shops direction with the greatest possible haste.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Park

President, Shooters Union Australia

E: president@shootersunion.com.au | Ph: 0418 700 320

Shooters Union expands into South Australia

WE are delighted to announce we have an official presence in South Australia now, with Peter Heggie – proprietor of The Gunnery firearms dealership and shooting range in Adelaide – coming on board as our official South Australian representative.

Peter is passionate about standing up for shooters and making sure they are properly represented and looked after – both as individuals and when coming to The Gunnery.

“We actually care about shooters, we care about it and we want to make sure as shooters as a whole are looked after – and currently they’re not, but that is changing now,” he said.

“I want to achieve fairness for shooters, and to give South Australian shooters an alternative that is transparent and not working behind closed doors.”

His first order of business is to increase the number of SU members in South Australia, giving shooters a louder voice in the state – and encouraging more people to see the benefits and enjoyment shooting offers.
“We’re very proactive with new shooters – want to help them get into shooting,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get started and help make Shooters Union an even stronger positive force for shooters in South Australia.”

Shooters Union Australia president Graham Park welcomed Peter to the organisation, saying he was an ideal person to represent Australia’s leading pro-shooting organisation in the Festival State.

“Peter is passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and has been part of the South Australian shooting community for many years,” he said.
“He believes in a fair go for shooters and making sure their voices are heard. “We are delighted to have him on board with us and are very excited about some of things in the pipeline.”

Shooters Union Australia now has local representatives ‘on the ground’ in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

Shooters Union South Australia can be reached by e-mail at: sa@shootersunion.com.au

Gun Control Australia Making up Issues Again

ONCE again, a major Australian media outlet is giving precious column inches to the inane thought bubbles of Gun Control Australia.

The latest offender is Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, which ran a story entitled “Guns Out For Schoolboys” on February 29.

We’re not going to link to the story – we know that media metrics only record total clicks/visits to a story, not the reason people read it, so reading the story to be angry about it only encourages them to write more, since their metrics say lots of people click on those stories.

In the story, GCA call for a ban on shooting competition events in all NSW schools, singling out two private schools in Sydney and demanding they end their shooting competition programme and remove all guns from the schools.

The schools, to their credit, declined to engage with the anti-gun rhetoric, and the Association of Independent Schools NSW literally states the schools are well within their rights to offer a totally legal activity to students, and fully supports them offering legal sporting activities to their students.

Remember: No-one is forcing these students to participate. They will be using specialist single- shot target rifles – quite possibly air rifles, even – conducted in serious competitions affiliated with peak sporting bodies.

Do we want teenagers learning about responsible firearm use in a safe, controlled environment as part of a sport with an Olympic or Commonwealth Games pathway at its upper levels, or do we want them thinking video games are a realistic representation of guns?

The guns the hoplophobes wet their collective pants over have been illegal in Australia for nearly three decades. They were illegal more than a decade before most current high school students were even born. It is absurd to be even considering properly organised target shooting competitions at high schools as some sort of undesirable or harmful situation.

Many of our members – including our president and our media officer – learned safe and responsible firearms handling as part of competition target shooting in high school.

The number of students who have been hurt as part of an organised school-based target shooting competition match in Australia is, as far as we can tell, zero – which makes it safer than rugby, AFL, soccer, cricket or even regular athletics.

What continually irritates us is how the media so frequently ignore our press releases, even on major issues – yet seem only too happy to give oxygen to GCA’s empty and harmful drivel.

Here’s what we need you to do: When you see an anti-gun story, or a story with GCA as the primary source, contact the media outlet and complain. Be polite about it, but make it clear that every time they run a story that paints law-abiding firearms users in a negative light, they’re going to get complaints – and with readership numbers falling dramatically, they really shouldn’t be trying to alienate even more readers.

For our part, we’ve asked the journalist responsible for this story why they thought GCA’s random thoughts were newsworthy, and how come they never seem to run any positive stories based on the press releases we send them.

Keeping media and politicians accountable is important work, and we need all the support we can get to keep it up and achieve even more results on behalf of #allshooters.

If you’re not already a member, why not join Shooters Union – and if you are a member, why not consider sponsoring a friend to join? https://shootersunion.com.au/join-shooters-union/

Shooters Union joins Federal Firearms Stakeholder Meeting

Ensuring Gel Blasters remain classified as toys, a national permanent firearms amnesty and implementing digital firearms licences and PTAs topped the agenda of a recent Commonwealth- level meeting in Canberra attended by Shooters Union Australia.

Our vice president David Brown attended a Federal Firearms Stakeholder committee meeting in Canberra on February 28, following an invitation from Border Force representatives for Shooters Union to be involved alongside representatives from the shooting industry and Commonwealth

One of the top items on the agenda was the agreement to implement a national permanent firearms amnesty. At this stage, it is envisioned the amnesty will be run along the successful Queensland model, where guns are taken to firearms dealers and registered to a licence or surrendered to the dealer.

It was also reportedly agreed at the meeting that all states would move towards digital licensing and PTA systems; many are already well on the way to implementation.

The Commonwealth Government is also planning new firearms trafficking laws, with maximium penalties including life terms for particularly serious offences.

Mr Brown’s suggestion for better education on what gun parts require import approval and which ones do not was also well received and we will be following it up in due course.

One topic featured prominently at the meeting – namely gel blasters, and a general willingness to keep them considered as toys.

“The idea that gel blasters and airsoft guns are toys and are classified as such as very important to Shooters Union,” Mr Brown said. “Australia is the only civilised country in the world which restricts them – even the United
Kingdom and Communist China allow their citizens to own and use them.”

Mr Brown said it was very clear at the meeting that both industry and ABF did not want further restrictions and were even supportive of the toy importers getting a better deal.

“It became quite clear to me listening to the meeting and in subsequent conversations with the two gel blaster industry representatives that we, the firearm industry, need to support these retail groups in keeping gel blasters out of the ‘real’ firearms world,” Mr Brown said.

“It is in our interest because if gel blasters and airsoft guns end up restricted or banned because of their appearance, it could flow onto real firearms with hysterical media and anti-gun groups spouting their uninformed, hateful nonsense to the public and politicians.”

Shooters Union is about standing up for all shooters, and as part of that we are a vocal supporter of gel blaster and soft air/airsoft guns, and openly supports the gel blaster and airsoft industry in their efforts towards full, nationwide legalisation and acceptance.

Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit us on the OzGunLobby forums, to stay up to date with everything we’re doing!

Some advice about responding to the Qld Govt “Consultation on replica guns and gel blasters

The Queensland Government currently has a “Public consultation on Gel Blasters and other Replica Firearms” underway.

The consultation/survey can be found here:

It is very obvious to us the survey has been worded with a view to further restricting gel blasters and replica guns in Queensland, so it is important as many law-abiding firearms users (and people who are concerned about Government over-reach) provide helpful responses to the consultation.

Shooters Union Australia has a very simple position: Gel Blasters are toys and replica guns are harmless inert items; they cannot hurt anyone and they should not be restricted in any way.

To that end, we have put together some “answering points” for you to respond to the consultation with. Please do not just copy/paste these responses; public servants know when this is happening and will disregard the responses.

Use these points to help you put the answers in your own words. If you need any help, contact us on media@shootersunion.com.au

QUESTION: What do you know about gel blasters?

ANSWERING POINT: They are toys which fire a harmless gel ball and cannot hurt anyone.

QUESTION: How do you think gel blaster and replica firearm ownership impacts on community safety?

ANSWERING POINT: It does not, especially considering cricket bat ownership and kitchen knife ownership are not deemed to impact community safety and they have actually killed and injured people, unlike gel blasters or replica guns.

QUESTION: Are you supportive of a sensible set of regulations around replica firearms and gel blasters to support a greater level of community safety?

ANSWER: Strongly Disagree

QUESTION: Please provide your opinion on there being a need for a person to have a reasonable excuse when possessing replica firearms and gel blasters (for example, a reasonable excuse may include being a member of a gel blaster club and taking part in club activities, military re-enactments etc).

ANSWERING POINT: People should not need a reason to own a gel blaster or replica gun. They are toys or decorative items; they cannot hurt anyone.
Also, we do not require baseball bat owners to be a member of a sports club, so why should we make people buying a toy be a member of a club?

QUESTION: How should replica firearms and gel blasters be required to be stored when not in use?

ANSWERING POINT: However the owner feels like it. They are toys and we should not be regulating how people store their toys.

QUESTION: Do you have any ideas on other ways to enhance community safety around the use of replica firearms and any suggestions to enhance the Queensland Police Service ongoing awareness campaign ‘Stop and Think’, which focuses on responsible ownership of gel blasters and replica firearms?

ANSWERING POINT: Educate the public that assault rifles and machine-guns have been illegal for a long time and are almost non-existent in Australia, so if people see one then it is almost certainly a gel blaster or replica and they should not be alarmed. Also there are laws in place covering brandishing replica weapons (including gel blasters) in public, with prison terms attached, so there is no need for additional laws or regulations.

Northern Territory Reverses A22R Reclassification

In a huge win for shooters, the NT News is reporting the Northern Territory Police Service has apparently agreed to reverse its recategorisation of the Savage A22R and Verney-Carron Speedline rifles.

Late last year, the Acting NT Police Commissioner used his powers under the Territory’s Firearms Act to declare the guns were Category C and D respectively, effectively banning them.

We spearheaded the effort to fight this, alongside our friends at SIFA, the NT Field & Game Association and SSAA NT, and we are delighted to say the NT Police have indicated they will likely be reversing the decision and returning the guns to Categories A and B where they belong.

According to the story, a Northern Territory Police spokeswoman said “NT Police are repealing the declaration with a view to engaging in more consultation with all parties involved; to make a considered and informed decision on the classification of these types of firearms”.

This is an incredible result and a significant win for shooters not just in the NT, but all across Australia.

It’s also one of the few times since 1996 that a significant restriction on shooters has been successfully fought and overturned and sends a strong message to politicians and the anti-gun mob that we’ve had enough of being used for political points scoring and being treated like potential criminals.

This outcome has been made possible by the strength and support of our members as well – so if you know someone who isn’t a Shooters Union member (maybe it’s you?), why not encourage them to join so we can keep fighting for the rights of #allshooters?

Follow this link and get involved! https://shootersunion.com.au/join-shooters-union/

Learn more about our Legal Defence Fund

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